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Access to Each Other!


What's on this platform?

  • View every post
  • Search for content by type - articles, audio, video, or documents 
  • Search for content by DNA Classification ("Ethiopia" or "Agriculture")
  • Post Comments 


What do I have in Common with others?

The “People” tab allows you to see other members of Accord.Community, immediately find out where your interests intersect with theirs, and even reach out for a conversation. The member directory is always sorted by those members you have the most in common at the top.  Here are a few things you can do:

  • Search by Name
  • Search by DNA Classifications (or multiple pieces) - perhaps you would like to see CEO's who care about Trafficking
  • View Member Profiles
  • View Commonality - the DNA attributes that are highlighted in bold are the DNA attributes you share in common
  • Direct Message - send a message to someone in the community (you can block members if needed)


How can I connect with those who share a similar interest?

Groups can be viewed--and created--by the members of the community. Take a look at them and join those that match your interest… or start a new group!

Perhaps the best explanation is to give some examples.  

  • Suppose you would like to start a Group for Field Staff who work in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Simply click the “Start New Group” button to initiate that group.  You can set the Group as public, closed, or private and allow only yourself or others to manage. The Group will have to be approved by the community moderator before going live. If the Group is public, then the community platform will automatically reach out to any who share that DNA and invite them to be part of the Group.
  • Suppose you would like to start a Group for Community Development.  Same as above, just launch the group.  If, for security reasons, you would like to keep the group private, then you would have to directly invite others to join by sending them the URL.

Groups are a powerful way for you to band together with other like-minded believers for discussions and learning and encouragement.  


How can I take a deep dive in an issue area?

Interests allow you to look at a subject matter and find all of the people who also like this area as well as all content associated with it.


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